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One of our current major projects is the completion of the development work started in the 1990s to extend the riding network on the Redlands (now Lafarge) land north of Harper Lane and the Harperbury Hospital and County and Borough Council land south of Harper Lane.

So far, additional bridleways have gone in on the north side, leading to Harper Lane at suitable corssing points, and path shave been added in New Shenley (Porters Park) to lead to Harperbury Hospital site.

Now, the Hospital site is being redeveloped and we have this main chance to ensure that the link paths are put in at bridleway rather than footpath, cycleway or permissive status. Please email the developer to ask that the orange routes are all put in the planning application as bridleways.

The planning application has been made to St Albans City and Distrct Council. It can be seen here using reference 5/2015/0990.

Northaw Appeal

Developer's webite:

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Apart from a requirement for the developer to pay £25,000 to the County Council for rights of way work, we do not yet see the detail of the bridleway provision on any official plan.

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