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Our current major project is the creation of a safe off-road riding route in Northaw, parallel to Coopers Lane Road, and linking other bridleways.
Landowner agreement Tenant agreement Phase 1 Funding Phase 2 Funding ** help needed **


Northaw Appeal We raised the 1,250 to pay for the fencing from A to C. Thank you to everyone who contributed to helped.We now seek another 250 to extend from C to D, if the extra length is to go ahead!

The Appeal was launched with the sending out of our year-end report in December 2014, and we reahed the initial target in April 2015. We now aim to raise the extension route money (cash or pledges) by 30 June 2015. Please help! Bank direct credit details are now available.

The route we're trying to create is shown in the plan (right).
A to C formed Phase 1 of the project and A to B form part of the Potters Bar Community Circuit, a planned circular ride.
C to E is an extension which is currently being considered by the County Council to be a permanent bridleway, but we cannot confirm the exit at point E until a highways safety audit has been completed. (We're hopeful though!) This would connect to the entrance to Northaw Brook Meadow, Coopersfields and Andrewsfields Stables.
E to D is an extension which would connect to Woodhurst. The County Council are also considering this section.
The original target of 1,250 was for A to C. We need additional donations to pay for fencing from C to E and E to D. Please help! Bank direct credit details are now available.

We thank those who have donated or pledged money to the appeal! The figures below include the gift aid we will reclaim from those who have signed and returned gift aid declarations.
Monthly totals: Pledges to 30 Dec 14: 500. 30 Jan 15: 632.50. 28 Feb 15: 1,080.00.
Pledges/collected to 31 Mar 15: 1,099.49. 23 Apr 15: 1,174.49. 30 May 15: 1,260.00.

If you value the work we do, why not register your support? With more supporters, we would have more influence with local authorities. Or just send a 5 donation by texting PATH00 5 to 70070.

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