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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: North Mymms 82 BW: bridge over A1(M) at Water End  H25 
Map showing North Mymms 82 bridleway
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This route starts just of Tollgate Road, runs eastwards over the A1(M) motorway down a ramp to Swanland Road at Water End.

The path forms part of the H25 London Orbital Bridleroute.

The need to record this path was identified during the British Horse Society's Year of Access and Riding Rights of Way (ARROW) in 1991 by members of the Patchetts Green Riding Club. An application was made on 22 May 1994, and was finally determined by the Hertfordshire County Council in 2014, twenty years later. In the meantime, the County had recorded the bridge as a footpath based on documents they found relating to the A1(M) construction, so without our 1994 application this bridge could easily have been lost to riders.

Legal History
Application for modifiation order to record as BW, 22 May 1994.
The Hertfordshire County Council (North Mymms 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 81, & 82, and Potters Bar 23 & 24) Legal Event Modification Order 1999 (came into effect 5 Mar 1999) recorded the bridge as a footpath.
The Hertfordshire County Council (North Mymms 6, North Mymms 82) Modification Order 2014 (confirmed 8 Aug 2014) added this bridge and its ramps to the definitive map as a bridleway.
Definitive Statement (4 Apr 2014)
Path: [North Mymms] 82.  Status: Bridleway (BW)
Commences from Tollgate Road at TL 2270 0437 then WNW for approx 40m to TL 2267 0438 then SE for approx 15m to a junction with FP 6 at TL 2266 0437, continuing SE then generally E on bridge over A1(M) to TL 2277 0436 then SSE for approx 140m to Swanland Road at TL 2282 0423.
Width: 3m
Limitations: None

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