Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust
NOTE: This list is under development and there are more paths yet to be added. Please let us know if you ride one that is not yet listed.
  • North Mymms 2, Ridge 10 to St Mary's Church
  • North Mymms 3 and Ridge 11 RB, Blackhorse Lane to Mimmshall Wood and N Mymms 83
  • North Mymms 4 RB, 'Love Lane' (N Mymms 3 to N Mymms 2)
  • North Mymms 5 Byway, From N Mymms 4 to Tollgate Road
  • North Mymms 5A Byway, Swanland Road to Warrengate Road
  • North Mymms 22 RB, Dellsome Lane to RB 23
  • North Mymms 23 RB, RB 22 to A1001
  • North Mymms 28 RB, Tollgate Road to edge of A1(M).
  • North Mymms 42 Byway, Fox's Lane at right-angled bend thence E to Great North Road (H25)
  • North Mymms 82 Bridge over A1(M) at Water End (H25)
  • North Mymms 83 and Potters Bar 79 RB, Bridge over A1(M) (H251) (Aug 07)
  • North Mymms 84 Byway, Fox's Lane (H25) (Jan 12)
  • North Mymms 90 and Ridge 44 Bridleway, from Ridge 10 to North Mymms 2 (Order confirmed)
  • North Mymms 91 Bridleway, from North Mymms 1 to North Mymms 2 (Order confirmed)
North Mymms

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