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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: North Mymms 83, Potters Bar 79: bridge over A1(M) (southern) RB  H251 

This route starts at restricted byway North Mymms 3, runs eastwards over the A1(M) motorway down a ramp to Swanland Road.

The path marks the start of the H251 North London Bridleroute, where it leaves the H25 London Orbital Bridleroute.

Thanks go to the North Mymms Riding Club for collecting some of the user evidence that backed this recording application.

Approach to the bridge
Western approach to bridge

The following photographs were taken on 28 Dec 06.

Photo Photo Photo
Going over the bridge Down the eastern ramp Along the verge to Swanland Road
Start of path seen from Swanland Road

Legal History

Legal History
The A1 (M) Motorway and Connecting Roads Cecil Road to Roestock Section (Appropriation and Side Roads) Order 1975 allowed construction of the bridge.
Definitive Map Modification Order application made 17 Feb 2003.
Hertfordshire County Council decide to make an order, 6 Dec 06.
The Hertfordshire County Council (North Mymms 083 and Potters Bar 079) Legal Event Modification Order 2007 added this bridge and its ramp to the definitive map as a restricted byway.
Definitive Statement (9 Jun 2007)
Path: [North Mymms] 83.  Status: Restricted Byway (RB)
Commences from a junction with North Mymms Restricted Byway 003 and Potters Bar Footpath 023 at (TL 2289 0309) then runs in a generally northeasterly direction for approximately 65 metres across the bridge to join Potters Bar Restricted Byway 079 at (TL2295 0311)
Width: None
Limitations: None

Path: [Potters Bar] 79.  Status: Restricted Byway (RB)
Commences from Swanland road (County Road) at (TL2298 0305) then heads in a generally northwest direction for approximately metres 70 metres across the bridge to join North Mymms Restricted Byway 083 at (TL2295 0311)
Width: None
Limitations: None

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