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Packhorse Lane (Bridleway 27) runs from Bucketsland Lane (at the top of the sketch map) generally southwards to Rowley Lane (near the bottom of the sketch), near Strangeways, in Ridge parish.

This route is actually a very old road, and the bulk of the evidence relating to the route was in the form of old maps and records. Unfortunately, a local resident didn't want the route to be reopened and entered objections, so a public inquiry had to be held. At the inquiry the inspector determined that the route was a bridleway.

The path can become very wet during the winter, so please use it with care and consideration.

Also shown on the sketch map are the bridleway bridge over the A1 (dark blue), two other restricted byways that can be ridden (purple) and the tracks alongside the A1 which the Highways Agency have constructed in the last few years (light blue).

Ridge 27 Packhorse Lane
Sketch plan of route

Legal History
The Hertfordshire County Council (Packhorse Lane, Ridge) Modification Order 1994 (confirmed 1996) changed the definitive map depiction of this path from footpath to bridleway.
Definitive Statement (1 Dec 2005)
Path: [Ridge] 27.  Status: BW
Commences from Bucketsland Lane (County Road) at TQ 2128 9899 and travels in a generally S/SE direction along a green lane feature between two hedges to junction with Rowley Lane (County Road) at TQ 2165 9831
Width: 7 - 16.8 metres as shown in the map attached to The Herfordshire County Council (Packhorse Lane, Ridge) Modification Order 1994.

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