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This route runs from Rectory Lane to Mimms Lane, in Shenley parish. This route is actually a very old road [shown A to B on the sketch plan], and the bulk of the evidence relating to the route was in the form of old maps and records. Unfortunately, some local people, even those with horses, didn't want the route to be reopened and entered objections, so a public inquiry had to be held. The Inspector was impressed with the evidence and had no hesitation in confirming the addition of the route to the map. Although sometimes overgrown in places at its southern end, this path offers a delightful change from the minor roads of Shenley.

Part of the path recorded as Ridge 21 (shown C to D on the plan) has been used as a bridleway for as long as many can remember. It is actually another old road, like Shenley 33, dating from the time where a roadway bordered all three sides of the green triangle at the junction of Packhorse Lane and Mimms Lane. An application has been made to record this route, but it remains open and available for use in the meantime. Anyone who has used this route is asked to get in touch, as more user evidence is needed. We will send an evidence form to you if you email us. Please say when you first rode the path, and when you last rode it.

Shenley 33 Byway
Sketch plan of route

Legal History
The Hertfordshire County Council (Shenley 33) Modification Order 1996 (confirmed 1998) changed the depiction of this path on the definitive map from footpath to byway.
Definitive Statement (10 Dec 2005)
Path: [Shenley] 33.  Status: Byway
Commences from Rectory Lane at TL 2019 0145 opposite Pinks Hotel thence S for approx 140m to cross FP23 at TL 2020 0130 continuing S for a further 30m to a junction with FP23a at TL 2020 0128 continuing S for a further 110m to TL 2020 0116, SW for 140m to TL 2010 0108 and SE for 240m to Mimms Lane at TL 2023 0087.
Width: Varies from 6 to 22m as shown cross-hatched on order plan no. 4904 in the Hertfordshire County Council (Shenley 33) Modification Order 1996.

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