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1 Dec 14: Evidence of use is needed!

We need to collect user evidence for some specific routes across the red land. Please get in touch if you have ever ridden on the land and we'll then explain which routes we're after so you can see if you have used them. This is now urgent as the County Council wish to make a decision on whether bridleway rights exist as well as village green ones.

1 Sep 11: Please ignore illegal sign!

An eagle eyed Supporter spotted a 'no horses' sign on the village green. We checked with the trust looking after the Green, and they've confirmed they have no intention of trying to exclude horses. The signage is in error, and they will be asking the providers (the County Council's Countryside Management Service) to get them corrected.

8 Jul 08: County Council registers land as Village Green.

On the basis of the independent Inspector's report (see below) the County Council has now registered some 24 acres of land as a Green, which is now conclusive proof of the rights of local riders to ride there! We're pleased to have been able to help in the registration process!

10 Apr 08: Inspector agrees land is Village Green.
The Trust was delighted to hear today that the independent Inspector appointed to hear the evidence for and against the recording of land at Woodcock Hill as a village green has recommended that the majority of the land should be recorded.

The land considered for registration is shown in bright red on the map, right. Although a copy of the decision letter has not yet been received, it is understood that all but the most eastern slither has been recommended for registration. The County Council will make the formal decision in July 2008.

Village Green status means that the local inhabitants have a right to indulge in lawful sports and pastimes on the land. This includes riding horses and ponies.

This decision follows a public inquiry, held in November 2007, where the case for a Green was put by a barrister. The committee (Woodcock Hill Open Space for Ever, WHOSE, headed by Cllr Pat Strack) that made the application sought donations to help cover the cost. There is no government funding - all the money for the inquiry must be raised locally. The PGBT trustees thought that this was worth supporting, and made a donation towards the group's costs.

Woodcock Hill Village Green Application Area (in red)
Image based on original obtained from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service (2007). Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey.

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