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Aldenham 12 is a long route from Aldenham village to Aldenham 22 (the water meadows track). Part is footpath, part is unrecorded bridleway and part is recorded bridleway.

The recorded bridleway runs between the golf course and Wall Hall itself, from Aldenham 22 to Aldenham 87. It had been recorded as a footpath, and there was a modification order application for an upgrade to bridleway status. As part of the changes at Wall Hall when it was converted from a university campus to housing, the county council agreed with the developer and its tenants to upgrade several routes including this one. The legal work was completed for this section in 2015.

The unrecorded bridleway is discussed on its own page.

  • Map of locality

  • Sketch plan of route
    Ordnance Survey plan of route (shown in yellow from F to E)
    Image based on original obtained from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service (2005). Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey.

    Legal History
    Applied for modification order to record bridleway, 1 Mar 97.
    The Hertfordshire County Council (Wall Hall) Legal Event Modification Order 2015 added the bridleway to the definitive map. It had previously been shown as a footpath.
    Definitive Statement (5 May 2015)
    Path: [Aldenham] 12.  Status: FP/BW
    Commences as FP from junction of FPs 3 and 4 at footbridge over River Colne SW of Munden House thence SE to junction with Aldenham 22 BR at TQ 1343 9958. Continues as BR SE along track for approx 225m (past the junction with Aldenham FP 85 at TQ 1348 9952) to the junction with Aldenham Bridleway 87 at TQ 1360 9940. Continues as FP and passes to W of the former Wall Hall College thence S to FP 84 at TQ 1381 9884 and E to FP10 thence SE crossing Aldenham 94 at TQ 1430 9862 then continues SE to Radlett Road at entrance to Edge Grove.
    Width: Varying between 3.5 metres and 10 metres between TQ 1343 9959 and TQ 1360 9940 as shown shaded grey on the Order Plan.
    Appears on definitive map sheet: 84.

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