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Bridleway 87 runs from Aldenham 77 to Aldenham 12, as shown B to E on the sketch plan.

The need to record this route was uncovered when the Patchetts Green Riding Club was conducting the survey of routes used in 1991 as part of the British Horse Society's ARROW campaign. It was found to be a popular route from Aldenham towards Blackbird's Lane, as part of a circular route. Accordingly, an application was made to ensure that riders were not prevented from using the route in the future.

Subsequently, with the development of the Wall Hall site for housing, the County Council and the Developer agreed to formalise the routes riders had been using, which would also save the wait for the definitive map modification order applications to reach the top of the queue. The section from B to E was owned by the developer, Octagon, and has been dedicated for the avoidance of doubt. This was done by means of a public path creation agreement, and so the path is maintainable at the public expense. The further section from E to F falls on land held by the County Council itself, and so must follow a different process to be recorded. This process is underway.

Aldenham 77
Sketch plan of route

Legal History
Definitive Map Modification Order Application made to record this route, 10 Mar 1997.
The path was formally created as bridleway by an agreement dated 9 October 2009 under s.31 Highways Act 1980 between the Hertfordshire County Council and Octagon Developments ("the Wall Hall Public Path Creation Agreement 2009").
The Hertfordshire County Council (Aldenham 84, 85, 86 and 87) Legal Event Modification Order 2009 recorded the route on the definitive map.
Definitive Statement (8 Dec 2009)
Path: [Aldenham] 87.  Status: BW
A BR commencing from Aldenham BR77 at TQ 1344 9923 and continuing NE along the track for approx. 240m to Aldenham FP12 at TQ 1360 9940.
Width: 4 metres
Limitations: None
Appears on definitive map sheet: 84.

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