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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: ST ALBANS: Colney Heath 60 Woodrake Lane
Map showing Colney Heath 60 byway and bridleway
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
Woodrake Lane runs from Barley Mow Lane to the A414, opposite Colney Heath 52 byway that heads into the Tyttenhanger estate. There is no suitable crossing at this point so crossing cannot be recommended for equestrians.

However, the verge between Woodrake Lane and the A414 carriageway is wide and there is enough room to pass walkers or cyclists.

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Looking Northwards on Woodrake Lane

Looking North on Woodrake Lane
Photo credit: Phil Wadey, 21 May 2010

BHS PGBT The original aplication was made to record a byway along this old road. The County Council, when it was investigating the rights here, found that a short distance (18 yards) closest to the A414 had been stopped up reserving footpath rights. However, the route was being used by riders. We were fortunate that the then BHS county chairman lived nearby: she was able to collect statements of use of the route from local riders, and so the section that might have been recorded as footpath was actually recorded as bridleway.

Legal History
10 Jan 1969: The London North Orbital Trunk Road (Barley Mow Lane, Colney Heath Side Roads) Order1969 stopped up 18 yards of the route, reserving footpath rights.
25 Jan 2010: Application made to record Woodrake Lane.
19 May 2017: The Hertfordshire County Council (Colney Heath 60) Modification Order 2017 was made to record this route mostly as a byway and with a short distance as a bridleway.
11 Aug 2017: Order confirmed by Hertfordshire County Council as an unopposed order.
Definitive Statement (10 Mar 2017)
Path: [Colney Heath] 60.  Status: BOAT/Bridleway
Woodrake Lane. Commences as BOAT from junction with Barley Mow Lane (public highway) and Colney Heath FP27 at TL 1890 0579 running along Woodrake Lane generally SSE for approx 155m to TL 1898 0584. Continuing as BR generally SSE for approx 16m to join the A414 North Orbital Road (public highway) at TL 1898 0582.
Width: Varies between 5.1m and 17m as shown in the Hertfordshire County Council (Colney Heath 60) Modification Order 2017.
Limitations: Bollards at TL 1898 0582.

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